Captain America 2, box office hit or flop?

Captain America 2, box office hit or flop?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, also known as Captain America 2, is the latest film to be released as part of the popular Marvel superhero franchise.

After the success of Captain America: The First Avenger, which was released back in 2011, Marvel fans have eagerly awaited the return of Captain America, played by Chris Evans but is Captain America 2 a box office success like Iron Man 2 and 3 or is it a flop, like the majority of sequels released each year?

Captain America 2

Captain America,The Winter Soldier, April 2014

Captain America 2, is a certified box office hit and brought in $10.2 million dollars on its Thursday night advanced screening alone and is expected to bring in between $107 million and $125 million in it’s opening weekend. As a comparison, Captain America: The Winter Solider, earned just $4 million dollars at it’s advanced midnight screening, less than half the amount Captain America 2 made on its Thursday night screening.

Captain America 2So how does Captain America 2 compare to other films in the Marvel franchise? In 2011, the same year the first Captain America film debuted, Thor brought in just 3.25 million dollars at it’s advanced midnight screening. Thor then went on to earn $65 million dollars in it’s opening weekend which is a respectable sum but far short of the $107 million to $125 million dollars Captain America 2 is expected to bring in during it’s opening weekend.

However, there is evidence to back up the trend, that Marvel sequels, do better at the box office, than each of the franchise’s original films.

As an example, Thor: The Dark World, the second Thor movie, which was released in 2013, earned 7.1 million at it’s Thursday night advanced screening, approximately 3.81 million dollars more than the original Thor, made on it’s Thursday night screening back in 2011.

Captain America Vs The Winter SoldierHowever, to predict how Captain America 2, will fare in it’s opening weekend, it’s important to take into account the fact that blockbusters released in April are uncommon. So although Captain America 2 is set to smash records for films released in April, it’s highly unlikely that it will bring in over $200 million in it’s opening weekend. In fact, there are only a few blockbusters released in April which have fared well at the box office, the most significant being Fast Five, which was released in 2011 and brought in $3.8 million on it’s opening night and went on to make $85.7 million in it’s opening weekend.

Based on it’s Thursday night advanced screening and the favorable reviews it has received by film critics and reviewers, Captain America 2 is set to become April’s top box office hit.

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