Captain America 2, box office hit or flop?

Captain America 2, box office hit or flop?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, also known as Captain America 2, is the latest film to be released as part of the popular Marvel superhero franchise.

After the success of Captain America: The First Avenger, which was released back in 2011, Marvel fans have eagerly awaited the return of Captain America, played by Chris Evans but is Captain America 2 a box office success like Iron Man 2 and 3 or is it a flop, like the majority of sequels released each year?

Captain America 2

Captain America,The Winter Soldier, April 2014

Captain America 2, is a certified box office hit and brought in $10.2 million dollars on its Thursday night advanced screening alone and is expected to bring in between $107 million and $125 million in it’s opening weekend. As a comparison, Captain America: The Winter Solider, earned just $4 million dollars at it’s advanced midnight screening, less than half the amount Captain America 2 made on its Thursday night screening.

Captain America 2So how does Captain America 2 compare to other films in the Marvel franchise? In 2011, the same year the first Captain America film debuted, Thor brought in just 3.25 million dollars at it’s advanced midnight screening. Thor then went on to earn $65 million dollars in it’s opening weekend which is a respectable sum but far short of the $107 million to $125 million dollars Captain America 2 is expected to bring in during it’s opening weekend.

However, there is evidence to back up the trend, that Marvel sequels, do better at the box office, than each of the franchise’s original films.

As an example, Thor: The Dark World, the second Thor movie, which was released in 2013, earned 7.1 million at it’s Thursday night advanced screening, approximately 3.81 million dollars more than the original Thor, made on it’s Thursday night screening back in 2011.

Captain America Vs The Winter SoldierHowever, to predict how Captain America 2, will fare in it’s opening weekend, it’s important to take into account the fact that blockbusters released in April are uncommon. So although Captain America 2 is set to smash records for films released in April, it’s highly unlikely that it will bring in over $200 million in it’s opening weekend. In fact, there are only a few blockbusters released in April which have fared well at the box office, the most significant being Fast Five, which was released in 2011 and brought in $3.8 million on it’s opening night and went on to make $85.7 million in it’s opening weekend.

Based on it’s Thursday night advanced screening and the favorable reviews it has received by film critics and reviewers, Captain America 2 is set to become April’s top box office hit.

Strictly Come Dancing shocker, Bruce Forsyth quits

Strictly Come Dancing shocker, Bruce Forsyth quits

Television host and household name, Bruce Forsyth has recently announced that he will not reprise his role as host of the popular British reality show, Strictly Come Dancing. A reality show, dance competition, where celebrities are partnered with professional dancers.

Forsyth, who has fronted Strictly Come Dancing for over a decade, claims that at age 86, he plans to cut down on his live hosting duties. Forsyth also admitted that while it was a difficult decision to leave such a popular show, that he’s glad that he’ll leave on a high note.


One of the first people Forsyth, contacted after his decision to step down from Strictly Come Dancing, was his long time co-host Tess Daly.

Forsyth admitted that he and Daly shared a few tears together, over the phone and that he felt like he was a boyfriend, calling to break up with his long term girlfriend.

Bruce Forsyth dancing photoDaly isn’t Forsyth’s only colleague to sing Forsyth’s praises, BBC One controller Charlotte Moore revealed she’d miss working with Forstyth, who she called a showbiz legend and a member of the BBC One family. BBC One’s controller of entertainment, Mark Linsey also had praise for Forsyth who he heralded as one of Britain’s greatest entertainers. As well as hosting Strictly Come Dancing, Forsyth has also hosted a variety of popular game shows such as the Generation Game, The Price Is Right, Play Your Cards Right and You Bet.

When asked about his preference for his replacement, Forsyth revealed that he’d like to see Boris Johnson, fill his shoes. Other popular personalities which are being considered to replace Forsyth include talk show host Graham Norton, ex contestant and international rugby star, Gethin Jones and accomplished television presenter Claudia Winkleman. If Winkleman is hired, she and Daly will become the first female hosting duo to front a Saturday night show.

Bruce Forsyth photoHowever, there is good news for Forsyth’s fans, while Bruce Forsyth quits Strictly Come Dancing, he is still set to appear in a Strictly Come Dancing Christmas show, which has already been taped as well as a one off charity special for Children In Need. Forsyth has also hinted that he is in talks with the BBC about appearing in new BBC One productions.

So don’t expect Forsyth to announce his retirement from television, anytime soon. If there is truth to Forsyth’s hints fans may also get to see Forsyth on Strictly Come Dancing next season as a special guest.

Johnny Depp Is Wearing Amber Heard’s Engagement Ring

Johnny Depp Is Wearing Amber Heard’s Engagement Ring

PeachTree3 In an amusing turn of events, Johnny Depp is wearing Amber Heard’s engagement ring. He revealed the ring on the Late Show recently with David Letterman on April 3, 2014 in an interview with the long time host.

The well known star of such movies as The Pirates Of The Caribbean and Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas gave a direct confirmation of the fact that he was engaged while sitting in the guest chair on Letterman. Letterman got right into it, exclaiming to Depp, “You have an engagement ring!”

Johnny Depp wearing engagement ring at david letterman late show

“I do, I have a female engagement ring on my finger,” Depp replied, twisting the diamond ring so that everyone could see it. He explained that it was too big for his girlfriend.

“You’re getting married. It’s not typical for a man to wear an engagement ring, is it?” Dave asked Johnny. Johnny confirmed his engagement to the actress and admitted that it wasn’t typical for men to wear female jewellery, no.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Ring Rumor

Depp has been dating actress Amber Heard for some time now.

The two worked together on the movie The Rum Diaries. Heard is 27 and they started dating shortly after the movie. Depp announced his separation from Vanessa Paradis, his long time partner and mother of his children in June of 2012. He has two children with Vanessa. Letterman threw up a picture of Amber with her father, to which Johnny said he was the closest man to Hunter S. Thompson he’s ever met. Letterman agreed, saying “Birds of a feather, huh?”

“So the ring is too large for her but it fit you perfectly,” Dave said. Johnny agreed and told Dave that’s why he put it on. He also joked that someone’s ring size is no indication of other things.



Johnny Depp Ring photoJohnny explains that Amber has the other engagement ring, which actually fits her finger. Dave told Depp that he bets that the actor gets a lot of comments for wearing a woman’s ring. After all, Johnny Depp is known for being unusual but this is a little out of the ordinary.

“Actually I don’t. I think people are scared to comment!” Depp joked to Letterman, who laughed.

“Why? Why is a grown man wearing a woman’s engagement ring?” Depp poked fun at himself. Letterman said it was fine for a man to wear it. Depp explained that ultimately he wore it because it fit and he’s been wearing it ever since. Depp is 50 and is from all accounts deeply in love with his new flame.

Glastonbury 2014

Glastonbury 2014

That time of year is almost upon us once again, it’s time to dig out those wellies and tent because Glastonbury is just around the corner.

The Glastonbury 2014 line-up has been announced and it’s looking better than ever! Headlining the event which is held towards the end of June is rock indie group Kasabian. They are set to be closing the event in the pyramid stage to really let the audience see the best, last of all.


glastonbury festivalThere really is something for everyone this year with even veteran legend Dolly Parton set to make an appearance. Some of the other acts that might take your fancy include Pixies,The Wailers, Paolo , Massive Attack, Nutini Skrillex, Elbow, M.I.A, Jack White, Ed Shereen, Robert Plant, Kelis, Wilko Johnson, ,Jake Bugg, Dexys, Bryan Ferry, John Grant, Angel Haze, John Newman and more.


Glastonbury 2014 photo

Glastonbury 2014 – Line-up

With these chart toppers and newbies, you are guaranteed to see amazing performers who are set to hit the big time i the years ahead. The wildly talked about Arcade Fire are also set to hit the stage on the closing night which is sure to make the electric atmosphere around the pyramid stage even more intense. Also confirmed to wow the crowds are Lily Allen, The Black Keys, Suzanne Vega, Lana Del Rey and even Blondie!

metallica photoThis year is definitely one not to be missed, along with the 80+ confirmed acts – there should also be a few surprises in store and a few names that are going around the rumor mill are huge stars. Although it has been denied for a while there has been heavy speculation that Prince will be performing and who knows, if you want to have a chance to see the incredible performer then this could be it if you have bagged tickets to Glastonbury. Also possibilities include Adele, Fleetwood Mac and the out of this world – Metallica! One thing is for sure, for an event that sold out a massive 120,000 tickets in just over an hour it is guaranteed to be an amazing experience for everyone attending.

kasabian confirmed for glastonbury festibalAlthough it is usually a wet one, your mud drenched boots will only add to the festival experience. Whether you are a Glastonbury regular or a first timer, the atmosphere, the acts and everything else that it has to offer is going to blow your mind. You will never find Ed Shereen, Kasabian, Lily Allen, Lana Del Rey and much more all in the same place again, providing an amazing show for visitors from all around the world.

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