Top Stories 4th April 2014

Top news stories, 4th April 2014

  1. 10.22pm

    Hungarian elections: Not fixed but not fair

    Editorial: Where there should be substantial parties alternating in power, there is one seemingly entrenched party
  2. David Cameron’s Conservatism: blowing in the wind

    Editorial: The prime minister’s once-determined proclamation of a newly progressive Conservatism is now scarcely audible
  3. 9.30pm

    Iceland Volcano

    Earthwatch: In the shadow of Eyjafjallajökull

    Four years after an Icelandic volcano grounded Europe’s air traffic, Kate Ravilious wonders if the worst is yet to happen
  4. Staff at the Hawick Knitwear factory in the Borders keep the 50 year old machines working smoothly

    Troubleshooter star Digby Jones aims to be more Harvey-Jones than Sugar

    Ex-CBI boss stars in TV show revival and finds snags in advising Scottish manufacturer Hawick Knitwear how to boost sales
  5. 9.00pm

    The best ways to fund the NHS

    Letters: Our proposals would include a £10 a month payment from all non-exempted adults, collected with the council tax
  6. 9.00pm

    Nate Kitch

    Clean air should be a human right

    Letters: Healthy air should be seen as essential a human right as clean drinking water and enough food for all
  7. Different treatment for spare homes and spare rooms

    Letters: If a welfare benefit claimant had been found guilty of claiming benefits that they were not entitled to, they would be on their way to prison

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